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Individually Hand Painted
Full Selection of Colors and Sizes!
Looks Natural
Variety Packs
"I value every moment on the water and I always look for the best of the best in fishing gear. Steelybeads are the most innovative and effective beads available and they catch big fish! Their custom hand painted colors and variety of sizes will give you the confidence to fish any water you encounter and get ready to do some serious business. 
Fish On!"

Testimonial  by:    Mark Glassmaker

In addition to contacting us directly, Steelybeads are now available at the following locations near you!
How to properly Peg your Steelybead!
1.  Tied your hook to the leader
2.  Thread Steelybead down the leader
3.  Slide a cut off piece of peg into the Steelybead
4.  Pinch end of peg with Kneedle Nose Pliers
5   Push remaining peg into bead
6.  Trim ends of peg
call:  253-549-3400
Large Selection of 
Single Pack Beads
Guide Packs also
 available in 
multiple Sizes!
New Colors for 2014!
#1   DITCH
#2   KENAI RED  8-16mm
#3   CHUM  8-16mm
#4   SHRIMP PINK   8-16mm
#5   HUMPY   8-16mm
#6   SUNRISE   8-16mm
#7   REDRUM 12mm Only
#8   FIRE  8-16mm
#9   ULTRA   8-16mm
#10  GOLDENEYE  8mm
#11  LIMELITES  8-16mm
#12  STORM   12mm
#13  DEEP CREEK   8-16mm